What Clients Have to Say 

Carmen has been a phenomenal resource for me as I started my business. She has consulted me in team management and strategic planning. I would recommend Carmen as a consultant and coach for any business. She is a great leader, educator, and coach.–Lynn Goehner, President, Eldercare Specialists

Carmen's coaching process provided structure and freedom at the same time. Her listening, curiosity, respect and intellect created an environment that enabled deep trust and exploration of possibilities that I hadn't previously considered. If you would like to grow as a professional and a person, Carmen is a coach who can help you. –Evy, Solopreneur

Carmen's coaching help is faster and more effective than I had expected. She seems to know just the right thing to ask or say, at just the right time, and I feel grateful to have an opportunity to work with her! - Corey Morrow

I had a work transition a couple of years ago at age 61 and was having a great deal of difficulty adjusting on a number of different levels – I found myself discouraged, frustrated and unhappy.  I was losing confidence in my professional abilities and skills and this unhappiness was seeping into other areas of my life.  I was miserable, felt ineffective and under-functioning and felt my only course of action would be to leave this new job, despite it being a wonderful opportunity.

A very competent colleague had been working with Carmen for some time and had credited her with a good part of her own professional success.  I contacted Carmen and she agreed to work with me and has helped me enormously in the past year and a half.  She helped me identify what was most important in the work I do, address beliefs I had that were holding me back, and to catch and change my negative self-talk. 

Through the questions she asked and exercises we did, she helped me identify how I could be more present, focused and actually achieve what I wanted out of my work.  She helped me develop a plan I could implement, recognize the progress I was making and build some new ways of accomplishing what I had set out to do.  I gained useful, concrete strategies in addition to a more positive outlook that has affected all other areas of my life.

I feel much more confident and focused and other people are noticing the difference.  I most likely would not still have this position if it wasn’t for her coaching me.  I’m enjoying my work again (and am earning quite a bit more money!)  I wish I had found her earlier in my life.  I highly recommend Carmen as a coach!  Michele Boudinot, Owner North Bay Eldercare